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Zhou Qiangs secretary to deep Changsha Science Park Research


November 22nd afternoon, Secretary of Hunan provincial Party committee, provincial people's Congress Standing Committee Director Zhou Qiang to deep Changsha Science Park research. Provincial Party committee member, Changsha Chen Runer of secretary of municipal Party committee, the provincial Party committee, vice-governor Chen Zhaoxiong, standing committee of provincial Party committee, provincial Party committee secretary Yi Lianhong, Changsha High-tech Zone Management Committee Party committee secretary Tan Hangsheng, the director of the administrative committee of Luo Shehui and other provincial and municipal leaders to participate in research.Zhou Qiang of secretary of provincial Party Committee Party first in the office lobby watched the company's publicity and demonstration of some products, and asked in detail about the characteristics of products etc.. Subsequently, Secretary Zhou line in the chairman Wei Liansu, Changsha Science Park general manager Zhu Xingwang, senior manager Wu Tao, Yang Shunlin and marketing director Deng Peisong accompany below visited the workshop, during the visit, President Wei Liansu and other leaders reporting to the Secretary of week of the company's production and management situation and the future development planning. Zhou Qiang's secretary thinks Yu-shun electronics development of great potential, hope that the enterprises should continue to strengthen innovation, adhere to innovation driven development, strive to enhance the capability of independent innovation and the level and asked the relevant departments to increase policy support, support enterprises bigger and stronger.The tour, Secretary Zhou and Wei Zong and others in the hall photo